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Maintenance and Support of Flight Tracking Systems

NavAid Technical Services will prepare and implement an Integrated Support Plan (ISP) that establishes the essential information required to initiate and maintain a comprehensive logistics support program for the life cycle of the fielded systems. The ISP shall be a living document that NavAid Technical Services will use to manage the Integrated Logistic Support Program (ILS) activities for “Customers” Fielded Systems.

The ISP addresses key activities including:

  • Maintenance and Support Planning
  • Second Level Engineering Support Services
  • Supplying, Replenishing and Repairing Spares
  • Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA) Tracking
  • Configuration Management
  • Notification of and Supplying Engineering Changes
  • Notification of and Supplying Software Upgrades
  • Maintain Customer Support Service Records and Provide Reports
  • Provide Technical Support
  • Packaging, Storage, and Transportation of System Components